Our Brother's Keeper


Our Brother’s Keeper


Almost 20 years after Duane Edward Buck was convicted of capital murder, his siblings — Marvin, Phyllis, and Monique — reflect on their brother’s resilience in the face of an extraordinary injustice: a piece of explicitly racist testimony from a psychologist that likely sent him to Death Row. After years of setbacks and poor work by court-appointed attorneys, Mr. Buck’s family and legal team from the Texas Defender Service and, later, the NAACP Legal Defense Fund prepare for what is possibly their last chance to give him the fair sentencing trial he deserves. Our Brother’s Keeper retraces the long path Mr. Buck’s case has taken over the years, from the poverty-stricken Third Ward in Houston, all the way to a ruling at the Supreme Court of the United States, and ultimately to a new sentence of life in prison.